Sydney to Vancouver to Home

Wednesday December 15, 2010. Vancouver airport waiting for an Air Canada connection to Calgary 15:50

We are here because the Air New Zealand flight was a little late getting in and the turn around time was too short for our Calgary Connection. Consequently we are not able to get out of here until 17:30. This is the first real travel disruption we have experienced so far on this trip.

It is hard to believe that about twenty six hours ago, on this date, December 15, 2010 we were sitting on the lanai at the Sydney Harbor YHA, in the Rocks, in shorts and t shirts having breakfast. Both of us were reluctant to leave.

Yesterday was a busy tourism kind of day. We went firt to the Barracks Museum, where the prisoners were kept when they were transported to Australia. It was later used house young women brought from Ireland and other parts of the UK to help populate the island after the prisoners had finished their sentences, and even later was used to house the elderly, indingents, many of them the same women who were brought out to work as house hold staff.

After the Barracks we went to the Australian Museum where there is an exhibition of many things that can kill you in Australia. Bill Bryson made a trip to the same exhibition when gathering material for his book A Sun Burned Country. One of the things mentioned was a Blue Ringed Octopus. Thewy are found in the shallow waters, and around rocks, just like Lady Beach were Ron and I had been swimming the day before. For me when in the Idyullic setting the whole idea of being any kind of danager did not even occur.

Ron did some retail therapy and then we went to the Powerhouse Museum, at Jenny’s suggestion and it was fabulous. The feel is a little like the Tate Modern Gallery in London, primarily, I suppose, because they are both re-purposed buildings, without disguising what their original purpose was meant to be. The exhibitions were interactive, modern and somewhat more like installation art than traditional museum presentation. We left it to the end of the day and so did not have the opportunity to see as much of it as wer would have liked. Another good reason to return to Sydney has come up.

Today has been all about travel. Sydney to Auckland; Auckalnd to Vancouver and now Vancouver to Calgary, but considerably later than we planned.

I just want to get home and drop my suitcase, go to the Safeway and get some food for breakfast tomorrow and then go to bed and sleep until I wake up. Ron is supposed meet his granddaughter from Nelson BC at the Greyhound Bus Depot at 06:35 tomorrow morning. It will be tough for him to get there on time now, and who knows what will be happening with the snow that way.

Saturday December 18, 2010. 15:15

We did finally make it home. I did get to the Safeway for breakfast food. I was, however, a little wired up and didn’t get to bed until about 02:00 but woke up about 08:00. Breakfast was fine, but I had no ambition and if I had not made myself do laundry, I would have spent the day in my pajamas. Fortunately I found some leftover lasagna in the freezer and survived on that and some toast with jam for the day. Thursday night the jet lag was still giving me those “I don’t want to move or make a decision” kind of blues, and I slept very little and fitfully when I did sleep. I managed to make it to Beano for a cup of coffee and a muffin and to the Safeway for something more substantial for the rest of the day.

Things certainly have changed over five weeks on Coronation Street. It was Friday so I made my usual trek over to the Eagle and played pool reasonably well even won the first three games. Last night I slept through the night and got up in time for my 10:00 haircut. Yes the flowing locks, so curly and cute in the southern hemisphere are gone, and the short hair more accommodating to wearing a toque are back.

Ron made it to the bus depot on time and had a visit with his grand daughter.

It is snowing and cold here. I will spend the next week looking forward to seeing Duncan, Jenny, Colin and Jenna for Christmas and planning and dreaming about my four weeks in Mexico in February/March.

Ron and Terry on the deck at Sydney Harbor YHA

Terry and Ron - Auckland Airport


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